Miłosz Piechocki

Passionate frontend developer, functional programming enthusiast, public speaker, trainer.



I've got commercial experience in training. I can deliver sessions on JavaScipt, TypeScript, Angular and functional programming both in English and Polish.

Below you can find the list of topics I can cover. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact me.

Title Description
Angular fundamentals Learn the Angular framework completely from scratch. The training covers topics such as data binding, component architecture, dependency injection, handling asynchrony with observable streams and best practices. You will build a working Angular application in the process
Angular for AngularJS developers The training will help you catch up with the latest version of the framework. We will not spend time on concepts that you're already familiar with but will instead focus on the differences. The list of covered topics includes component architecture, change detection, dependency injection hierarchy, observables versus promises and performance.
RxJS fundamentals Improve maintainability of your code by switching to the reactive programming paradigm. You will get a deep understanding of the observable stream abstraction and you will learn how to use RxJS operators to implement real-world scenarios.
Advanced JavaScipt This thorough training will guide you through all aspects of the JavaScript language. We will cover a wide range of topics starting from pre-ES6 concepts such as prototypical inheritance and ending with generators and async/await.

My training experiences include:

If you are interested in a training session please email me at milosz@miloszpiechocki.com.